Special Consensus

2019 GRAMMY Nominee

The Special Consensus is a bluegrass band that has achieved a contemporary sound in their four decades of performing, making their music a modern classic. The band is led by Greg Cahill, banjo player and recipient of the prestigious Distinguished Achievement Award from the International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA), and includes Rick Faris (guitar), Dan Eubanks (bass) and Nick Dumas (mandolin). Special Consensus has received five awards from the IBMA and two Grammy nominations. They are four talented vocalists and instrumentalists who follow their creative desires without straying too far from their bluegrass roots. The 19th band recording, Rivers and Roads (Compass Records, 2018), was nominated for the 2018 Best Bluegrass Album GRAMMY award and received 2018 IBMA awards for Album of the Year and Instrumental Recorded Performance of the Year (for the tune “Squirrel Hunters”).

Booking Contact: Above The Bay Booking (Maria E. Nadauld), marianadauld@pacbell.net, 510-828-6961
Band Contact: Greg Cahill, greg@specialc.com, 708-606-1554

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RIVERS AND ROADS Bluegrass Unlimited review – April 2019
“The press material accompanying the latest CD from Special Consensus proclaims that the band has ‘never sounded better’ in its 40-year career. After a good listen, it’s awfully hard to argue with that assertion. Rivers And Roads, produced by Alison Brown, is top-notch from start to finish.”

LONG I RIDE Banjo Newsletter review by Tom Adams – January 2017
“Long I Ride continues Special C’s streak of award-winning music on Compass Records…When you see Special Consensus in person, you get an energetic, entertaining set of music – and that’s just what you get on this disc – the music superbly sung and played by banjoist/founder Greg Cahill, guitarist (and guitar maker) Rick Faris, bassist Dan Eubanks, and mandolinist Nick Dumas…Whether you’re listening to this CD for pleasure as you’re driving down the road or you’re at home running it through the “Amazing Slowdowner” working to decipher some of Greg’s banjo licks, Long I Ride, like Special C’s Grammy-nominated Scratch Gravel Road, has a first-rate song selection, strong vocals, and a distinct band sound. Recommended, for sure.”

LONG I RIDE Bluegrass Unlimited review – December 2016
“If you want to know how Special Consensus has managed to stay in business for 40 years, all you have to do is pick up a copy of Long I Ride…This album is fresh and new and stands to potentially make as many new fans as it does please those who have followed the group since its inception in 1975…It would have been easy for Special C to coast after the outstanding previous effort, Country Boy: A Bluegrass Tribute To John Denver, but founder/banjoist Greg Cahill and the current iteration of Rick Faris (guitar/vocals), Nick Dumas (mandolin/vocals), Dan Eubanks (bass/vocals) kill on this CD. Don’t miss this album.”

“Chicago’s very own veteran bluegrass band” David Royko; Chicago Tribune
“Yes, Special Consensus may be Chicago’s very own veteran bluegrass band, but talent like this is the property of the world.”

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